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    Sep 5, 2015
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    Any idea where in octoprint you add users? I enabled authentication which is great, so I have my first user (the admin). But in the documentation it talks about other users, and I thought it would be good for my son to be able to print using a non-admin account or guests over the house. Nowhere in the documentation do they describe how to add a user...
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    Settings -> Access Control

    But as of now the control is very limited. You basically have three access levels:
    Unauthorized aka everyone: can see what's printing and stats and video. Cannot print or change settings or control.
    Non-admin user: can print, cannot change settings...
    Admin: can do everything...

    So for your guests you have to do nothing. Just point them to the URL and they can see and download time lapse videos and see stats...
    You son could be created as non-admin. Then he can control the machine but not change settings...

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