Only getting 290mm Z travel, stepper skips if bed lower than that

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    I noticed the drag chain bound up on the printed wire protector on the Z axis motor. ended up removing 2 links. Helped a little but it still will not reliably go down past 290. It looks like there is a slight misalignment in the threaded rod and guide way. I tried loosening the screws for the nut and z motor, then bringing it down and re tightening, but it did not help much.

    I have since altered the config file (travel distance was 300 on Z) to avoid any future crashes.

    Is this common? It's not a big deal, but if it is an easy fix, I will give it a go.
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    I see that too. There is a screws head at the end of the rail which prevents the carrier to drive ~8mm to the end of the rail.
    Otherwise the wagon would get contact with the z motor screws.

    The maximum z will get limited too if you add more height to your tools or a thicker bed plate.
    - Adding glass at the top of the bed will shift point of z=0 down.
    - Adding a vulcano heater block or similar will shift the maximum print-part-z to a smaller height because the tool offset will change within z.

    I will add pictures of my changed z-cover to the following thread:

    To see my limit: I can drive down my axis to around 294.5 (or maybe 295mm) after homing to the switch without the glass bed.
    The glass will add 5mm? My biggest tools offset is Z-8.25
    So my maximum axis configuration will be: Zmax = 294.5 - 5.0 - 8.25 - a bit space = 280mm

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