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Discussion in 'BigBox General Chat' started by PsyVision, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Has anyone done PID tuning on their big boxes? I see the firmware has some values for the v6 hotend enabled already but when printing I find my temperature overshoots and then drops too low. The marlin auto-tune PID came out at:

    RECEIVED: Kp: 19.28 - Firmware says 29.20
    RECEIVED: Ki: 3.50 - Firmware says 4.73
    RECEIVED: Kd: 26.54 - Firmware says 45.33

    Also, when printing from SImplify3D with BigBox (it didn't seem to do this previously with my i3) I will heat the bed and hotend up and then tell it to begin printing over USB, it will sometimes start okay, other times it will sit there saying Preheating Bed and although the bed is at a constant consistent temperature it won't do anything unless I click Force Next. Does anyone else get that?
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    Yes, you need to PID tune for your individual setup - there is variation across heaters, variation in ambient temperatures, variation in where the print cooling fan is mounted.
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