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    So I have a problem that appears to be unusual, I'm using a 3mm bowden V6 with the combination of a Airtripper bowden extruder. I'm using slic3r with all the speed settings set to 40mm/s so I have a flat baseline for calibration, and unusually my print temps only work at readings of 219+ in repetier

    The primary filament I'm using is Matter-Hackers PLA-Pro (White) to eliminate unwanted variables, as well as purchased the V6 there myself. I can get a good quality single walled cubes at printing temps up to 220+ with both dimensional accuracy and high strength bonding.
    However, printing any faster than 45-50mm/s will strip the filament on the extruder

    Is this unusual for PLA?

    Testing with cheaper filament has yielded similar results with Fry's electronics black PLA yielding decent results at 210+

    I double checked my firmware at ATC semitec according to the troubleshooting page.

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