Please help my BlTouch makes my Cr10s not start properly !

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    Jan 11, 2019
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    Fellow 3D-printing ethusiasts i am in a severe pickle,

    I have a Cr10s and installed a BlTouch but the issue right now is.
    when the Z-Endstop cable(White and Black cable) is connected to the motherboard, when turning the printer on , the screen is blank and no light is coming off the Bltouch sensor.

    When i start the Cr10s with the Z-Endstop calbe for the BlTouch disconnected, the Cr10s display works perfectly and shows the menu as usual.

    So what is causing the display to not turn on when the White&Black cable of the Bltouch is connected to the Z-endstop port of my Mainboard

    The version of TH3D i have installed is Marlin U1.R2.4b

    I bought a genuine BlTouch device.

    When the Z-endstop cable(Black and white cable ) was disconnected and instead the stock Z-endstop of the Cr10s was connected the Bltouch had a blue light being on but it didn't work at all either.
    Meaning using the BlTouch Selftest, Stow and so on options didn't do anything.

    Please help me.

    Please, please, please help me, i beg you, please help me with this.

    I'm am very desperate right now.

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