IN DEVELOPMENT Possible Solution for Supervolcano snapping heatbreaks

Discussion in 'HotEnds & Extruders' started by holyman92, May 30, 2020.

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    May 30, 2020
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    so, i'm not sure if i'm alone on this, but i have snapped 2 heat breaks already due to printer malfunctions (i am designing my current printer and making changes constantly) and have since thought about what i could do to possibly stiffen up the supervolcano mounting... as well as convert to a DD solution (currently running a mobius 3). This is my idea so far...


    now to do this, it would require e3d to not mill away so much from the heatsink, but it would allow for 4x 3mm shoulder bolts with a m2.5 thread to be used to secure the block to the heatsink (only 1 is shown for reference) and make it more stable.

    as for how to assemble it, it would be the same, except you would now have the 4 bolts in there before you do the heat tightening.

    now i am still playing with the design and trying to make it fit w/i the limits of the design w/o having to add weight and bulk.

    That being said, what do you guys think?

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