Printed Hybrid X-Carriage

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    I located the files here...


    in stl\stls\hybrid\e3d\hybrid e3d extruder.stl

    hope this is the right one.

    Printed in ABS as it just happened to be in the printer..

    Specified raft and support in s3d, I didn't add any supports manually just allowed s3d to do its thing. Print cooling fans off all the time, layer height 0.1 mm so took six hours to print.

    The quality is very good, sharp corners, vertical axis holes have very fine detail, less so for those with an horizontal axis.

    The two left hand side motor fixing holes had a support plug printed in, which just pulled out, but the right hand holes didn't. The large 23mm hole has a support offset from centre which didn't print well and left some residue at the lower edge and messed up the hole slightly at the top (this extra fortunately can be easily removed).[/ATTACH]
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