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    We're in need of some help -- we are running several E3D Revo Hemera XS's and Revo Hemera's on CR10S Pro v2's. They have E3D hotends with Creality heating cartridges and themisters. All the voltages are matching (24v). We have PEI flexible beds -- no heat and no warping.

    We're currently printing large manufacturing orders of 300+. The files have printed repeatedly without issue . All the files are printing Nylon 6 + 15% Carbon Fiber or Glass fill at around 265 C.

    Suddenly, all failed, over the span of a week in the exact same way.

    The failure looks like this -- the extruder creates a messy, stringy, or under extruded layer then stops extruding but the print and head keeps going. The extruder normally has the tiniest bit of filament at its tip, occasionally, it becomes messy. Temperature doesn't fluctuate, or so it seems. The gears never seize and continue to spin. The filament pulls out and looks somewhat normal. Afterwards, we push filament through at around 275 C to clear it out and try again.

    Since we ran nearly 280+ prints without issue off the same slices, we're looking for physical issues, not something like retraction or pathing or fan settings in the slice.

    We have made several attempts at fixing with no real progress --

    -Cleaning Extruder and gears: The gears all look pretty clean except for some dust which we've cleared out. No cracks or rusting. Fan seems to be in working order and on in the right direction. May have been good but didn't show a major improvement either way.

    -Removing Bowden tube: We run off a constant dryer as our custom Nylon blends are very susceptible to moisture. Removing the tube wasn't a fix and there wasn't enough force pulling opposite to create any jam.

    -Printing lower temperature (260): Print looked fine but we got a few under extruded lines (missing lines) and this caused the same effect. Printing hotter didn't do much either. Also, when we're watching it, the temperature doesn't jump much at all, maybe +/- 2 C. Didn't calibrate PID or esteps but also don't think that's an issue (unless others disagree)

    -Tightening the tensioner. We went from almost all the way loose to all the way tight, neither seems to affect much.

    -Heat creep: I'd be shocked if it were heat creep as our heater block is 6-7 mm away from the extruder gears. We didn't add any thermal paste though after we pull the filament, its not a stringy mess. Also, why now as we get into colder months??

    Any help is appreciated as we are completely shut down, losing 7 printers all at once and grinding our manufacturing operations to a halt. (We'll offer a 10% off coupon to anybody who helps haha!)
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    Are you running the printers within enclosures? I had a rather identical sounding print failure situation that resolved by moving the printer outside of it's enclosure(Granted, that may not be an option for you if your nylon prints require an enclosure). Follow up, is the print failure pretty immediate on a new print, or a few hours in?

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