Printing with some of the new E3D plastics

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    Thought this might interest some readers. I have been experimenting with 3 of the new filaments that E3D is now stocking and thought I would give a little feedback. These are all used in 1.75mm flavour and are being printed on a Seemecnc Orion with an E3D v6 hotend, .4 default nozzle.

    Proto Pasta PolyCarbonate - ABS composite

    Needs a high temp to extrude well (around 280c) and a normal ABS temp heated bed, then it prints like butter ! Great results and when cooled parts are really tough and strong. I have used this for gears and also OpenBeam Mini V wheels, they are almost as tough as delrin (POM) and much much easier to print.

    Polymax Enhanced PLA

    Prints great and at same temps as normal PLA. Final prints seem very strong and not quite as rigid as PLA. It really seems just like printing in ABS without the smell and the possible warp. This has now become my day to day filament, it also does not seem to mind being left out in the air all the time, noticed no change when printing from new or after a week mounted on the printer.

    I really wanted this to work and despite all the horror stories of how hard it was I was convinced I could get it to work, what a dick !! It really is as hard as I had been told ! I tried printing it onto just about everything, in every combination at every heat up to 130C bed temp. The material itself extrudes perfectly and at least for me at around 228C. You also get good layer bonding and a smooth finish. Its just you cant get it to stay on the build plate ! It also has the biggest case of warp I have ever come across. The most amazing thing is how much force it can exert on the build plate, it can literally rip blue tape off !! The most success I had was with FR4 Fibreglass sheet, sanded with 100 grain and then sprayed with two coats of hair spray. As long as the object was small then I could get it done, like small gears or mini V wheels, but anything bigger even with raft and your asking for trouble !
    I am wondering if there is something we can try and dissolve small pieces into and make a POM slurry to coat the bed as it readily sticks to itself if nothing else.
    If you can get it to print then the results are great !! Really hard prints with great detail and the big advantages of being slippery (great for wheels / bearings) and even machinable. I will continue to try and report back if I get any better success !
    Here is a picture with some examples....
    The 3 sliders are printed in Enhanced PLA and the two v wheels are PC-ABS for the left one and POM for the right one.
    One other thing to note about POM is that because of its warping issue (which is really a case of high shrinkage) I had to increase the print size to 1.1 times normal size, to get a standard size print out at the end.
    Would love to hear others experiences with these new materials.
    Happy printing !

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