COMPLETE PSU mount point change

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    Sorry not sure if the title is good.... how do you call the plate above the bottom?
    Anyway this is what I have done...
    I used some M4 screws (be careful of the screw length, in the PSU is not much space for screws) and some spare plywood a spacers (made sure the PSU top fan holes are still free) and mounted the PSU this way.
    I removed the Octoprint too, I will place it in a external case/unit.
    This may the removal on the bottom plate way simpler, I have only have to do unscrew the 4 Rumba screws and unplug the PT100 and amplifiers from it.
    Then I can unscrew the bottom plate with no strings attached.

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    The "plate above the bottom" may be called the "lower-support " This is the part that has the cut-out for the "electronics cover"

    The "electronics cover" has a hole in it for the fan that blows on the Rumba.

    So what I think you are saying is that you have attached the power supply to the "lower support" not to the base.
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