IN DEVELOPMENT PWM to Analog mini board

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    I have quite an army of fans that respond very bad to PWM control, even more with Duex5 fixed PWM frequency, so I'm going bold and designing a mini pcb to convert PWM to analog voltage, up to several hundred mA. The discussion is in Duet forums:

    Input: Vin+, GND and PWM signal
    Output: Analog voltage
    - Accept PWM active high and active low (jumper selectable) and open drain like Duets do
    - Will scale PWM to % of Vin+ (so you can control a 24V fan with a 5V PWM, for example)

    This is a preliminar render:


    Since I'm ordering the PCB, and I must order at least 10, I can share PCBs/complete boards. Anyone would be interested?

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