Quartz Hotend to print pure metal

Discussion in 'General' started by Kurt Nielsen, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Hi guys I hope you're interested in this idea. I envision a quartz hotend that has a stainless steel coil embedded inside. This might be done with having two threaded quartz parts, 1 part having grooves for the wire and the other part (female) being the nozzle. The reason why the metal coil is built inside is because it will melt at high temperatures but hopefully will still carry the current and not leak off/out of it. There are pharmacies that manufacture quartz bowls for labs and also meditation etc and will take orders for other parts. It would be very interesting to see this take off. I realize I could invent this and get it to take off but I have so many inventions I can make the time for. If anyone likes and appreciates this Idea I would appreciate if someone could send me one ;) thank you and I wish you success, Kurt N.

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