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    Aug 6, 2014
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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone can see any problems with replacing the thermistor with a EPOCS B57550G1104F? I know the temp table in the firmware will have to be updated. The EPOC one has a diameter of 1.3+-0.2 mm compared to 1.35+-0.15 for the original Semitec 104GT-2, which seems similar enough and looking at the documentation for the v6 heat block seems like it will fit well and not have issues of different temperature accuracy due to poor fit.

    The reason I am trying to go down this route is that the EPOCS one is the only one I can easily get where I am.

    As side note, I broke my thermistor leg which trying to fix the frayed fiberglass sleeving which was causing occasional shorts when the wire is bumped while printing. Is anyone else getting this fraying problem? I am not sure if it is fraying because I have take the hotened apart twice now to do a thorough clean in acetone. How can I go about either reducing/avoiding the fray? The only thing i can think of atm is to use a small piece of kapton around it.

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