Revo6 lasted 2 days, ruined

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    Long story short, after 3 or 4 successful prints on the revo 6 i had a print fail during the night. The printer was trying to print (pla by the way) in thin air. I noticed it was jammed but thought no worries, ive cleared jams years ago when i owned a titan lol. Ive been using bmg extruders for years now and never had a single jam till now but it wasnt the extruder at fault.
    at first i tried heating the hotend up to max and tried extruding , then extracting to no avail. So i knew i was going to have to do some disassembly. after removing the heat sink this is what i had to work with.
    IMG_4706.jpg IMG_4707.jpg

    I thought the whole point of the heat sink was to prevent this from happening? Anyways, an hour or so later and lots of heat and a pair of channel locks, my heat sink is cleared but ruined.. the nozzle no longer threads back in. The top flange groove is all chewed up so this heat sink is just unusable. I ended up ordering a replacement heat sink and new .4 nozzle. Those were all out of stock here in the usa so ordered from e3d uk so now i get to wait who knows how long as they have some sort of royal mail strike going on as well...

    My question is how the hell is everyone else clearing a jam on the revo without destroying it?

    Here is my revo when it was working working. 60mm/s, pla+, My custom printer.

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