Scaffold not sticking to Edge or Bed

Discussion in 'Filament' started by Smoks, Aug 24, 2018.

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    Aug 24, 2018
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    Hello there,
    im creating this thread as i only had problems with scaffold.
    Edge, so far has been a wonderfull material with no problems. When i print on my FilaPrint bed surface it even sticks to well (like stated in the wiki) ;)
    But when used with scaffold i cant get any print started. Edge prints fine at 240°C and 70°C Bed. But when the machine switches to scaffold the problems start. I'm printing at 210°C and the aforementioned 70°C Bed, but it won't stick to anything neither the bed nor the Edge-filament. It just lays down one line and when the hot-end goes back and forth it picks up the laid down filament line. If it is on top of Edge, it just curls up onto the silicone sock.
    I tried the following:
    • Different Bed material: FilaPrint, Painter's tape, Gluestick on FilaPrint and Painter's tape, A PET sheet that came with the printer ( It only stuck on this material)
    • Different Speeds (20-55mm/s, default speed is 45 mm/s)
    • Different Extrusion factors and layer heights
    • Setting the height of the nozzels excatly at the same height
    • Combinations of all the above
    It doesn't matter what i try it wont stick.

    So my question is, can anybody provide me with some tricks how they print this combo of filaments and/or an S3D profile to get started as i have already wasted nearly half my spool by testing all the settings out.

    My machine is a heavily modified German reprap X400 with a bowden setup and an original chimera hotend. As a slicer im using the latest simplifiy3d version. The extruders are calibrated and the drive gears are clean.

    My S3D settings:
    • Retraction on both Extruders: 1.75mm @ 10mm/s
    • Extrusion multiplier for both hotends: 1.00
    • Layerheight: 0.2mm
    • Support: 30% infill, 3 Dense layers (100%), Horizontal Offset 0.2mm, no seperation layers.
    I hope somebody has a tip for me as i really want to get going with this combination.

    Best regards,
  2. Kevin Richardson

    Nov 30, 2019
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    Did you ever solve this problem. I have exactly the same symptoms...


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