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Discussion in 'Filament' started by amuir2k, May 2, 2018.

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    May 2, 2018
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    I just got a spool of Scaffold Snap and have been struggling to crack the code to get the right settings.

    I'm using a FF clone, with dual Flexion 1.75mm extruders, S3D, ABS for parts and Scaffold Snap for rafts and support.

    I went through the forum but most of the posts are for Scaffold dissolvable, and it appears that the settings for Snap are quite different.

    The two main issue I'm seeing are:

    1) The raft seems to adhere well to the bed (BuildTak PEI surface), but then warps as soon as the first layer of ABS starts printing
    2) The ABS is not adhering well to the Snap.

    I've tried bed temp from 90°C t0 110°C and tried printing the Snap from 220°C to 240°C, all without much difference. I can share other settings, but am hoping someone can share working main settings (bed and extruder temp, speed, etc) as a known good starting point.

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