Scaffold with 2-in-1-out system

Discussion in 'Filament' started by Phil Evans, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Jun 15, 2017
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    I am currently experimenting with a fair amount of success with a 2-in-1-out system on my Ultimaker 2, whereby I use a Y adaptor above the hotend and feed the different filaments through one at a time.

    I am trying some FormFutura PVA filament to try out dissolvable supports, however I have found that, with the UM2 nozzle at least (not sure if it's better with other nozzles), I need a 60mm square(!) purge tower in order to purge the PVA enough such that the PLA has little enough PVA contamination to not delaminate. That's a lot of wasted filament.

    I noticed in the list of features for Scaffold, it says it's easily purged from nozzles. I am wondering if this has been tested with 2-in-1-out systems, and whether the "easily purged" refers to just purging between prints, or if it actually is designed to work purging between layers.

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    As someone who is working on a 3in1out nozzle I too am curious, you'd assume that they mean that specifically for x in.1 out but I'm not sure...
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    In this case, "purging" refers to getting rid of the degraded material in the idle nozzle, as PVA has a tendency to solidify and can clog the nozzle easily. Scaffold was tailored to reduce this degradation, hence why it would purge better than standard PVA based materials. So no, sorry, it wasn't optimised to a 2 in 1 out nozzle, and we would not encourage using it in such a hotend, as the complex internal geometries in these hotends tend to make jams a real pain.

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