Secure the Struts immediately after you fit the base

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    Having had to remove the base because of a silly mistake I got back to here...

    at the step immediately before the "Wiring" photo. i.e. where the base is just fitted into place.

    Having used tape to hold the nuts traps in the struts (the five vertical struts that act like spacers and supports between the base on the bottom of the print area) I thought it best to try fastening the struts to the base first before securing the sides of the base to the sides of the main structure, just to check that the screws would align with and screw into the nuts. (Gaffa tape is handy to hold the base in place whilst doing this)

    If the tape holding the nut traps isn't secure or the nut trap is at a slight angle, or if a wire is trapped between a strut and the base then you won't be able to secure the five struts and you may end up either not securing them at all or having to remove the base to get at a loose nut trap (which fits neatly in the terminal area of the power supply ) so I think it is preferable to check that you can get a set screw into each of the five nuts traps and pull the struts flush to the base before proceeding. This way it isn't too much trouble to remove the base again.

    Having used super glue to hold the nuts in the traps used for the base I found it a good idea to thread a screw through each one before fitting as the glue had leaked into the threads on a few of them.
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