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Discussion in 'Guides, Mods, and Upgrades' started by Old_Tafr, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Several people have suggested modifications to the BB...

    Mounting the Pi outside of the base, lighting, magnetic holders for fans, plug in cables for the X-Carriage to allow easier hot end changes, improvements to the fans (like 3 wire for better control) etc. Although many of these changes are discussed in the Guides, Mods and Upgrades section it is more of a discussion area rather than a list of mods and how to implement them.

    Useful would be a section just for mods and how to implement them, sticky posts that could only be changed by the originator and which didn't have replies, these would be back in the original GMU section so keeping the actual Mods area clean and tidy.

    This would be a benefit to us all.

    Is there a way to get this new section setup?
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    I second that, one thing to concider is there are many ways each task can and has been done. For instance my led set up is really basic and uses a remote for control, and other mods have rumba controled leds.

    My point is along with the forum posts maybe have the top billed mods in a wiki format linking to the forum. That way you could have 3 or 4 lighting mods for instance and you could choose your favorite. Or maybe just a well maintained sticky directory in the forum.
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