Several problems with the E3D V6

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    Dec 3, 2014
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    First, let me thank you for the overall design and ease of assembly of the E3D. Moreover, this part does here asked me any concern relative to other more complex editing.

    After the joy of easy installation, I run my calibrations and testing. And I soon disappointed!

    First, PHA / PHA Colorfabb eventually jammed prints approximately every 2. We must spend some time removing the material remained stuck in the nozzle. I have solved this by party regularly removing the filament as it cooled and being very very very slow at the time of withdrawal.

    Indeed this technique to remove the bulk of plaus jam but is it really the bottom line?

    Problablement not!

    I continued my investigations with tests on withdrawal, I have concluded that withdrawal 1mm to 20mm / s not functioned. A drop escapes and in addition I have holes in the following exhibit.

    I try to go up to 20mm in 1.2mm / s and this is worse! Holes appear !!!

    So, in default of finding a proper solution I just talk a little about my material and found that can not go.

    I know a picture is worth much more than words. Especially since my English is not optimum. I used néma 17 with 5mm MK7 home reprapworld. ... =1595_1639

    I also designed a closed extruder under the guidance of a specialist in extrusion. He's right, under the guidance 1.75mm filament is a must.

    I have a Bowden (ptfe), which goes to the end of the E3D V6.

    I usually print in the range 200/215 ° C with the ColorFabb. A speed of 50mm / s is a small in Bowden mode. Certainly in direct drive mode, I down to 20mm / s but the same problems are encountered.

    I use of EPCOS glass for temperature measurement (the value is right) and PID is set in my machine. It seems therefore not a problem.

    From all this data:
    - How can we solve the sake of withdrawal?
    - How do I make this less mouth?
    - Is there a better management of the heating / cooling?
    - Is the installation of the E3D V6 is involved?
    - Is this the part that goes from the cold side to the hot side?
    - Is it a problem with the PTFE Bowden?
    - Should we review interfacing PTFE and hot section?

    All tracks are exploring but the results are disappointing.

    Whatever happens, I thank you for your help and your opinion. I'm ready to take it into account!

    Meanwhile, I can confirm on my machine employing this assembly E3D V6 ... Unfortunately!
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    Dec 3, 2014
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    By dint of searching, I finally found an answer.

    When printing is finished, the end gcode said first retracted and then of 1 5 mm. Or a total of 6 mm.

    So I change my end gcode to put a retraction 0.5mm the first shot and 0 for the second shot.

    Guess? :eek:

    When the nozzle cools the wire is too high, with the tip swollen by heat, when I start a new print, the tip is too big for past heat barrier. This results in a closure at this location.

    Since the withdrawal setting ... it works perfectly! At least for me.

    With that, unless I met other worries, I can give this potential research.

    Good evening.

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