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    Hey Guys,

    Anyone run into issues with their silicon socks smoking and making a bad smell?

    Bought a pack of 3 for the volcano, ran one for a while and recently redesigned my fan duct for Tevo Little Monster and decided to add a new sock on after also rebuilding the volcano with a higher reading temp sensor (the one that came from E3D is pretty useless over 260 degrees as it it becomes wildly inaccurate) and higher wattage heating element (the 30W one supplied simply does not handle the printing speed in nozzle sizes over 0.4mm on my setup).

    Heating everything up after doing all the wiring and making sure nothing is melting and I notice smoke coming off in the light on the effector. I spent a far amount of time looking for the cause (pulled it all apart looking for melted plastic) only to finally realise it was the new/unused silicon sock I put on that was making the smoke and the bad smell. So I gave it a clean with alcohol and put it back on and still smoked, tried the other unused one and same issue, tried washing in soapy water and in acetone and still the same issue. So I got the thermocouple back out to check the temp on the hotend to make sure nothing had gone bad and the temp was spot on (210 degrees). So I grabbed the old sock and put it on and to my surprise no smoke, change it back to the new ones and they both start smoking within about 30secs. So thinking it was some sort of residue I went to 250 degrees and left one of the socks on for a while and after coming back after 30mins it was still smoking. I have made sure the smoke is not coming from the block itself as well as super heating the block (320 degrees) to ensure it is not the block and I can assure your it is not the block, it is the socks.

    Looking at the socks closely the old one is ever so slightly different in shape than the unused ones, the old one never fit amazingly well but the other 2 unused ones fit perfectly. If I did not fit and see the difference myself I would not of believed that the 3 socks out of the one packet could be any different from one another but the "smoke" test and fitment clear shows there is a difference.

    Anyone else had this issue and have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


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