Sticking Genuine Gates belts and pullies.

Discussion in 'General' started by MikeD, Nov 30, 2018.

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    Nov 30, 2018
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    I think it is great you are stocking these authentic parts and not the typical Chinese junk!

    But I am wondering why you are sticking GT2 belts and not their improved GT3 belts that are phasing out the GT2. The GT3 have 30% more power transmission over the GT2 belts...

    Also you use up the pulley and idler selection. Need 20 teeth idlers for 6 an 9mm belts on a 5mm bore. Having some 8mm bore items would be nice as well especially if you are pushing for wider belt use.

    And about pushing for 9mm wide belt use over 6mm as an improvement. It REALLY needs noted that Gates themselves suggest using the narrowest belt that a design will allow. Using a wider belt than needed will just produce more noise and vibration. I don’t see skipping or power as an issue for most printing applications so 6mm is definitely better than 9mm or 12mm wide belts for the very most applications. I’m afraid you guys pushing the wider belts as an improvement is going to get people to “upgrade” their 6mm belts to a louder belts that makes for more vibration that turns into lessor print quality. The wider belts are also going to work their motors harder as well. I think you guys really need to adjust your stance on the wider belt push because it is flawed for the very most applications.


    Edit... I meant to title the post “Stocking” and not “Sticking”, lol.
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    Thanks, I would have completely missed this otherwise.

    Stiffer, wider, longer.

    We’re happy to be offering our belts in the very common 6mm width ............ as a direct drop-in for most machines out there.

    However for the more enthusiast machine designer or modeller we’re also carrying these in 9mm and 12mm widths. These extra wide belts means more fibreglass, more tooth engaged with the pulley and therefore a much more impressive stiffness. We expect these wider belts to be very beneficial to those designing machines that operate at higher speeds, carry heavier loads, or need to traverse longer distances.

    We’re also carrying pulleys and idlers to match, (see below).

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