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Discussion in 'BigBox General Chat' started by Greenhorn, Oct 13, 2019.

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    Good evening everyone. I'm not only new here, I'm new to anything related to 3d printing as well. But I'm getting into it now. Amongst the printers that I can get cheap ($350) there are a few bigbox pro. Is this a good deal or have printers evolved so much in quality and functionality since then that I'm better off buying a new or newer printer in the same price range?

    The bigbox ticks of one of one of my boxes in being so versatile when it comes to what materials it can use. However, I'd really like a printer with two extruders in order to print support. Is it easy to install a second extruder on this one? And how much would it cost?
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    You would have to find a used one, I am not sure where you are finding the big box pro but make sure you check the source. E3D discontinued making the big box a while back. That said there are many versions of the big box with two extruders, even the original had dual extrusion as an option.

    So if you are willing to put in the wrench time I would say 350 is a fair price to get started, there are dozens of different mods people have put together for the big box. IDEX has probably at least 3 versions alone.
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    Only downside with this one I found is that E3D do not officially support the printer for their new products. I.e mounting kits in the shop...

    I thought they would at least do that... So we could easily buy new parts to keep it up to date.

    Now it is to late but as long as there is people here that help and Greg unofficially continue to do updates the printer is definitely worth pick up used and cheap...

    Although late reply, I still wanted to take a chance to point this out and thank all people that still help the rest of us keeping this printer alive and working.
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