Strange behaviour, jamming into bed.

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  1. Stigern

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    I have had some strange issues with my BigBox Pro for a while. I've just recently upgraded to 1.1.0 RC6, and problems still occur. I also downloaded the latest Simplify3D profile, but no help.

    Problems are:

    1. Sometimes, not always! And appears to me randomly. Printer will jam into bed when it's done all 4 corners of auto-leveling. I cannot trust it, and need to wait until it has started printing just in case this happens and I then rush to power it off because it's trying to run the nozzle trough the glass :p

    I can print the same file several times, and just randomly happens. Even with nothing changed...

    2. Printer will start printing before it reaches correct temperature levels. I select my model from the SD-card and my printer goes directly to auto home and auto level, and the proceeds to print. Usually it waits until it has reached the correct temperature, but sometimes it doesn't!

    I've attached my profile for S3D, and a print file which I had problems with it jamming into glass sometimes. In case anyone care to take a look.

    I'm all out of ideas here, also since the problems aren't consistent.

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  2. Tom De Bie

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    May 7, 2016
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    Check your endstop wiring and their connectors.
    Also it's useful after a print to power down and start the printer again...
  3. Stefan

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    Your Ikeahook file... it has some strange commands in the start script
    as of this they are not supported by marlin so Ihave no idea what happens if used. Maybe bed crashes :)

    Then the hotend temp is set with
    M104 S210 T0
    This sets temp and continues

    M109 is set and wait.

    This is most likely caused by this S3D setting and causing to start print before temp is reached.

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