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    Every print gets the same print issue at the same place on each print.

    Anyone have any ideas on what to test, or what is wrong?

    When I was using a bowden v6 I wasn't getting these issues.

    My VREF is set at 1.4 which is 12.5% under 1.6 which is the "perfect" v-ref for a CR10s Pro (0.15 RSense) (the guide says to be ca 10% under the exact vref.)

    The benchy in the attached pictures was printed on a raft and I haven't done cleanup.

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    Vref's unlikely to be the issue. You don't say what filament you're using, or what temps you're running. Layer 1 is the most important one to perfect. Looks to me like you're under extruding slightly, so probably you're esteps haven't been calibrated to whatever nozzle, heater, and hotend combo you're using (you didn't say that either - v6 is really just a shape that can be configured many ways). The view from above looks half decent, hard to be precise as the focus isn't precise. If anything, that looks like slight over extrusion. Therefore the base layer could look OK simply because you were far enough away from the bed to compensate for the over extrusion. The mess on the sides is harder to guess it. It can't really be layer shifting as the whole prints fine, I wonder if the material just isn't being heated well enough or being cooled well enough. You didn't mention print speeds, retraction, or part cooling setup. Ah yes, you mentioned a raft. That might explain the odd result on the bottom too. Pretty puzzling with the lack of complete data supplied.

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