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    Hello, friends, I have been debugging the ringing problem these days.
    My motherboard is Duet2; Duet web control 3.1.1; Firmware is V3.1.1
    I tried to modify the M593 command in the Config.g file, so a lot of 20*20 squares were printed, and the ringing problem still persists.
    I saw in the forum ( that the accelerometer can be used to solve the ringing problem
    Has anyone used this feature on Duet2?
    The document states that "RepRapFirmware 3.3beta3 and 3.3RC1 include experimental support for connecting accelerometers", but my current firmware is V3.1.1.

    If I need to use the accelerometer function, do I need to modify my current firmware?

    After adding an accelerometer, can the system adjust automatically or just for measurement?

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