Thermistor Errors at random

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    I have these random problems which were recently aggravated by a filament jam (filament roll was jammed). Soon after starting a print, the extruder temp drops too rapidly causing an alarm. It appears to be the direct result of movement of the cartridge thermistor wire. Is there a "best way" to run the thermistor cable or provide strain relief ? I have a strain-relief mount on the extruder stepper motor and cable ties to limit movement of the thermistor wires during printing. I have attached a picture for reference. User error - or - failing wires - or could the grub screw be a wee-bit too tight ? I have run PID tuning several times and still have this issue.

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    On earlier builds all the cables to the heat sink, fans, heater and thermistor were grouped together

    Somewhere on this page...

    This does not seem to be a problem, and I would have thought that just a little slack in the cables would be sufficient to avoid any problems as there should not be any force on the cables if they are held with cables clips to the X-Carriage at one end and installed in the hot and at the other.

    If the cables were maybe too tight between where they are held with a cable clip and the hot end then maybe some strain was applied, also if the hot end rotated slightly when going through the nozzle tightening sequence at temperature, together with the cables already being a little tight would be enough to strain the wires. I certainly ended up with one of the two hot ends rotated slightly.

    I too had a problem with the filament getting crossed on the spool, even when I had been careful to avoid it crossing when installing and running through to the hot end. This is a pain and I had to constantly check during prints that the filament was not pulling tight. Having a lazy susan allowing you to rotate the printer helps a lot here, get the 18" ish dia one, as any smaller and the printer rocks unsteadily from side to side.

    I had thought of a system with a number of spring loaded pulleys between the spool and the teflon tube feeding the filament through to the X-Carriage but this seems just a little too complex.

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