Thermistor Failures on Volcano-fitted TEVO Little Monster?

Discussion in 'Printers with E3D inside' started by Adam van Bergeijk, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Oct 1, 2019
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    Hello all,

    I own a TEVO Little Monster printer that's been quite happily pushing out print after print for about a year and a half now. As stock, it came fitted with a volcano knockoff hotend, which I replaced with a genuine E3D volcano when the first nozzle reached the end of its life. The printer's been running happily since then with one nozzle replacement, but has now hit a significant issue.

    After the printer stopped halfway through a print late in the evening, I shut it down to work out the issue later. Starting a print to observe in the morning, the hot end heating cycle went out of control, turning filament and whatnot else into fumes as I scrambled to turn of the heater. This indicates to me that there's a problem with the thermistor. I did some pre-heating to test it and it appears to work fine for the moment, but that leaves me none the wiser about what exactly the problem is/was. Thermistor failure would explain the stopped print from the previous night, but I don't know whether the thermistor itself or something in the wiring has gone awry.

    So, my question: do the thermistors supplied with volcano hotends have any record of wear or failure? I skimmed some forum sections here but didn't see much on the topic.

    Would it be recommended to replace the thermistor at certain intervals? The current one has logged well over a thousand hours of printing.

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