Thermistor fixings tips and tricks?

Discussion in 'E3D-v6 and Lite6' started by sungod3k, Aug 14, 2015.

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    Aug 25, 2014
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    I recently build my 2nd e3d hotend and I remembered how hard it was to handle the thermistor.

    One thing is that the delivered cable for the thermistor was to thick to get the crimping ferrules over it but I use smaller shielded cable anyway.

    The bigger issue is the fiberglass sleeving fringing very fast, ideally you could drop the tip of the thermistor so far into the hole that the ends of the sleeve go in a tiny bit as well. On my new lite six they fringed a bit and resulted in the thermistor shorting/ not reporting temp until i pulled it out.

    I thought one could put a tiny bit of super glue behind the tip but that would burn of and do i dont know what to it.
    Does anyone else experienced this and solved it?

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