Thermocouple PT 100 Amplifier

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    My name is Hilko and I´m trying to get the E3d PT100 Amplifier connected with the Ultimnaker 1.5.7 Board. But if i change settings as shown on documentation wiki i get results that copuld not be real. (260 degrees without any heating). So my idea is to change the temperatur.h configuration in Marlin.

    Has anybody done this befor? Has anybody other ideas to get the PT 100 Amplifier working as it should?
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    Hi and welcome!

    Falls es dir nicht aufgefallen ist, hier im Forum wird ausschließlich Englisch gesprochen. Einen Bereich für Deutsch haben wir leider nicht und bisher auch noch keinen Bedarf.
    Deswegen mach ich mal auf Englisch weiter.

    Sorry I have no idea what you need to do to get a PT100 working with the UMO. Normal thermocouples react just the opposite of a PT100 also the PT100 voltages changes are much lower that's why you need that amplifier...
    Perhaps you can post your question updated in English maybe someone else can help?

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