Titan aero 1.75 direct drive motor problems

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    Hi guys. I really need some help and experience from mkre knowledgeable of you.
    I got myself titan aero cause of this slim motor cause it fitted perfect my tipe of cartesian build. After getting it to work i started having clicking issues and contacted e3d. They came back to me that they know of a problem and sent out replacement motor even without asking for one. To my surprise motor rhat came is longer and does not work with my design and it will be pain in the a.. to rework whole gantry.
    I see that e3d slim motor is 12.7 n/cm and i found same 25mm motor that is 18 n/cm. That motor is 1.8 degrees however. First, can that data be correct saying 18 n/cm and what do i loose with 1.8 motor in real life? https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/h...-07a-29v-42x42x25mm-4-wires-17hs10-0704s.html
    I could get away with motor of up to 30mm in length with small modification but nothing over that.
    Here is the video of the clicking:

    Here are couple photos of my setup:



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