Titan Extruder - Average Lifespan?

Discussion in 'Titan' started by Webdad, Oct 15, 2018.

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    I've got a Titan Extruder on my DBot, and have about 2300 hours of printing on it (which has been since mid Jan). It's been working fine; have been through the cracked clear cover replacement; as well as rustgate.

    My question is, what is the expected lifespan for one of these extruders? Currently it is making a collection of strange noises, squeaks, and such, but appears to be still going fine, I'm just wondering how much longer it will "be going fine"

    I do have a collection of dark powder collecting underneath the extruder. The picture attached shows what has collected over a month or so. It is a mix of filament from the occasional grinding on the hobbed bolt and whatever is coming out of the extruder. While I do print black filament, that is probably about 10 - 15% of what I print, and the photo shows somewhat more than that. Additionally, the black is very very fine.

    Overall, it's like a beat up old Ford, with duct tape holding the bumper on, but it still runs. I have inked marks on the Tensioner knob and the one bolt on the lower left corner of the cover so I can tell when they start unwinding. For the cover bolt, even with the locking washer, I've had it spontaneously unwind, so I inked it at 12:00 and then scotch taped it in place :).

    This DBot is my primary workhorse for my Etsy shop, so it pulls the lion's share of the load.

    Just wondering how long these are expected to last before putting them up on the lift and restoring them.

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