Titan extruder, slimline motor speed at 80-100mm/s

Discussion in 'Titan' started by matback, Jun 16, 2020.

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    Jun 16, 2020
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    Dear all,

    I work actually on a dual extruder single nozzle. For tool change, I need to go at 80 or 100mm/s.

    I have two Titan with slimline motor and I cannot going up to 50mm/s. I tried with differents motor 1.8°, nem17 and Co and its' always the same problem, if I put 80mm/s my motor is blocked. Load or unload.

    I use:
    - power supply 12VDC
    - MKS GEN L 2.0
    - DRV8825 (Vref at 07v 1.4A*5*0.1ohm)
    - 1/16 microstep (step/mm at 790.1)
    - Slimline motor with titan extruder

    Anybody has a solution? because right now it's a nightmare, I tried different road, get Vref at 1V, decreased 1/16 to 1/8 etc and the result is always the same.

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