Titan with E3Dv5 heatsink (not bowden)

Discussion in 'Titan' started by brucehvn, Sep 12, 2018.

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    I have an E3D hotend that started out as an E3Dv5 direct 1.75mm with no bowden fitting. I've upgraded the heater block twice so it has the latest v6 thermistor cartridge, etc. I'm rebuilding the printer and I want to use a Titan direct extruder. In looking at the installation instructions, they say to use a piece of PTFE tubing and slide it into the v6 heatsink, that PTFE then goes up into the filament guide. Since it appears that the filament guide sits right on top of the heatsink, wouldn't it work if I just cut the PTFE so that it fills up the filament guide and then rests snugly on top of the heatsink? It seems like there would be no way the tubing could move enough to block filament going into the heatsink. Has anyone done this before? If I replace the heatsink, then I have to replace the heat break, and the fan shroud as well. At that point, the only thing that wouldn't be replaced is the nozzle, and I would have probably spent more than just buying a new v6 :)

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