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    Hi together,

    I have designed a tool calibration station. It is equiped with a raspberry pi zero/camera and a hight sensor (guided platform which press a micro switch). The whole station is guided by a linear rail and driven by a stepper motor (equal to Greg's adjustable brush)

    I already switched over to rrf 3.01 with conditional gcode.

    I know want to set the tool offset by running a macro.

    First point I need to know is how I can use the micro switch to probe the tool hight.
    Let's call my tool calibration axis W axis. Then I have to move the W axis until the endstop is pressed. But I don't know how to do this? May @dc42 can help me?

    Later I can do some mathematics to calculate the tool offset with the actual W axis position. This should be easily possible with the conditional gcodes.

    The second point I want the realize is that I put the nozzle above the camera, center it and press a macro button then the XY offset of the tool is set. But this I think is more easily and could be realized also with the new gcodes.
    Is there a object model for the tool offset?

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