Tool Change with Prime/purge script

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Todd Spurgeon, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Oct 22, 2019
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    So I was using M98 P"prime.g" to prime my extruder after the toolchange and was wrestling with the best way to implement it when I found an oddity.

    If you uncomment the "M98 Pprime.g" code in the "tpost0.g" then when picking up the tool immediately after heating (which I definitely need to make this conditional so as not to execute if the hottend temperature is below some value, thinking 190) then it goes over to my wipe/prime/purge ledge and does it's sequence but it looks like it lost it's tool compensation in the X and Y and it completely misses my brush. After this sequence if I send it the M98 Pprime.g command then it looks like the tool compensation is engaged and it wipes/purges correctly...

    Has anyone else dealt with this? Or knows why if I engage the prime/purge code as part of the tool pick up scripts it misses the brush.

    If I can't reasonably make the M98 Pprime.g conditional on the extruder temperature then where in the script tab of S3D when generating Gcode should I insert the M98 P"prime.g" to make it so that right after it picks up a new tool it wipes before using it?

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