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Discussion in 'Tool heads & ToolChanger' started by Paul Meyer, Jun 2, 2023.

  1. Paul Meyer

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    Dec 18, 2019
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    I've got my toolchanger alive again (gathering dust for ~3 years, life got complicated). It moves, picks up two tools, and has laid down the first layer of a single color PLA benchy (badly, need to work on z-fine-tuning)

    My goals:
    • have fun goofing around with another printer
    • get some multi-color PLA prints going
    • avoid frustration as much as possible.
    I've currently got two tools built:
    • T0: Hermes (pre-Hemera) direct drive with standard v6 HE
    • T1: Hermes mounted on the frame top, bowden, v6 tool
    I've got pieces for two more heads from early 2020:
    • two blank tool plate kits
    • two mosquito hot ends
    • two bondtech BMG-M extruders
    • one E3D Slimline Stepper Motor (0.9)
    • one stepperonline slim stepper 0.9: 17HM08-1204S
    It seems like I can build two direct drive hot-end. The e3d motor one about 350g, the other about 300 (without screws/heater/wires). My original Hermes tool is closer to 450. I have not used a mosquito yet, more experience with v6, Rapido, and a bit with Revo.

    My plan:

    1. overhaul the current tools, new nozzles, etc.
    2. level the bed and learn how duet bed-mesh-leveling works
    3. get a clean benchy
    4. set up a superslicer or prusaslicer profile
    5. get a clean multi-color test print
    6. read through 3 years of posts here to catch up on collective-wisdom!
    1. add X/Y endstops (the violent X sensorless homing is not confidence inducing)
    2. think about improved z-offset measuring (actual nozzle touch?)
    3. build some new tools
    Any advice or things to watch out for would be most welcome...

  2. Nibbels

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    Dec 12, 2019
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    My TC was as well gathering dust, family increased.
    At first I have to scan this forum for any news and developments of the last years.

    I remember that I stopped before Phase 2 point 2.
    Measuring the z-offset for each nozzle is a thing that was a pain for me. There must be a way to have an automatic touch measurement.
    Did you already reach Phase 2? :D

    And I still lack part cooling fans.
  3. Nibbels

    Nibbels Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2019
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    I completed the z-Offset measuring for my toolchanger.

    The z-leveling for all the tools seems to work. I added a microswitch next to the heat bed as a second probe. That button is touched by cold and clean nozzles. Then the zOffset can be adjusted.
    I did upload the macro/script and my probe configuration here: (Commit ced125fc64f49c17ea184e546eea64f1fa0748b2 and 2b580d78ff7a25591c705b3e4f39e3e0824c1199)

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