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Discussion in 'Titan' started by keknom, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    Are there any plans for a truly all metal titan aqua? I'm planning to build a 200 C heated chamber 3D printer and worry the plastic gear and possibly plastic water fittings in the titan aqua would fail due to the high temperature.

    tldr: Will there be a truly all metal titan aqua for 200 C heated chambers?
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    Short answer: no, as this is very niche.
    Long answer: we have not found enough applications that requires this kind of chamber temperature. Titan Aqua will probably have the motor fail first, as unless you cool it extremely well, the motor will thermally fail at around 80°C. We recommend using a Chimera Aqua as this has no plastic parts apart from the tube coupling. As these couplings are in contact, we have not seen them fail and have run them up to 250°C without failure (this does require the coolant to be running through them any time the chamber/hotend is hot).
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    Jun 22, 2018
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    Use bowden setup with temperatures this high.
    Thermoplastics that are printable in such environment tend to be quite stiff ;)
    I'm really curious about how you plan to do this, as I've researched going up to 120C and lowered my expectations to about 80C, because at this temps, you have very limited options.
    Also filaments tend to be quite expensive, and I don't have any use for them.
    Many companies try to figure this out. Some failed, rest struggles. Only Stratasys made this technology reliable.
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