V6 and Lite6 Extrusion problem

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    Hey there,

    I have recently bought an e3d lite6 with v6 upgrade parts(heatsink and heat brake) for my anycubic kossel linear plus. I have been struggling with them for the past two or three weeks. Its really hard to push filament through by hand. Even using pla at 230C. So my extruder is constantly skipping. I have tried compensating for this by upping my steps per mm and my stepper current but its just a constant skipping sound now. It seems to print alright but retractions are horrible. I have tried reassembling both the ptfe lined and all metal versions of this hotend without any luck. I made sure that there was a clear path from the nozzle to the ptfe tube before installing into the printer and the second i put filament into the hot area it becomes really hard to push. Im sure theres sufficient cooling on the hotend. I have applied thermal paste. I have even tried different extruders and stepper motor drivers. i have tried temperature ranges from 195-230. Nothing seems to help.

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