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    Hello, I am starting to have terrible issues with v6 extrusion on an Ender 3 pro with skr e3 mini v2 and Bowden setup with Creality all metal extruder.

    For a couple of weeks it printed ok but then the madness begin.

    All prints starting ok but after 10~20 layers or 15 min into print the extruder starts skipping, the hot end becoming clogged.
    Things I did to fix it.
    Changed filament PLA
    Changed the temperature from 200 210 220 230
    Turned off the parts fan
    Cold pulls
    Setting retraction from initial 2mm and speed 25 to 3 and speed 40
    (Bowden setup)
    Disassembled the hotend
    At dissemble there was no pla between the nozzle and the heat brake
    The heat brake looks clean to me
    Sadly I have no nozzle to exchange it and test.
    Thermal paste was applied at initial install.
    Assembled again with all the procedure hand right then wrench finger right at 285

    When I did the cold pull the tip of the filament the part that sits inside nozzle was bigger in diameter then the rest of the line.
    At this point I really don’t know what to do anymore.
    I have attached my latest print at 210c no parts fan. 40 speed.
    8034EA59-D059-4879-9C86-3D1EBB0E2101.jpeg F2AC2B11-B5F4-493D-BC6A-D3BDCEE48CAC.jpeg 28C09678-5A03-4BD6-A506-B7C6FAF280C5.jpeg 98FA5419-7A7F-4632-B28D-287388B796DB.jpeg

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