V6 heat soak problems on long prints

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    I have a v6 universal direct 1.75mm that i just installed on my Type A Machines Series 1 2014. The hot end prints really well, until it starts to heat soak on long prints. Then it eventually jams and air prints. Here is my setup:

    1.75mm PLA, 220 C print temp. Factory hot end fan and shroud installed and turned on at full during the entire print. Print ran about 1 1/2 hours out of a total of 7 hours before the jam occurred.

    The latest jam, i had to disassemble the hot end to remove the stuck PLA. Turns out that the entire length of PLA that was in the liner tube had increased in size slightly and just wouldn't feed through anymore. Had to use pliers to yank it out.

    I assume that heat crept up the the break to slowly expand the PLA until it wouldn't feed anymore. Anything that i can do to prevent this?
    Here is a pic of the PLA that i removed:

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    Is it possible that part of the PLA filament is oversize as a result of poor quality control during manufacturing? Have you measured the filament diameter for the whole reel?
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    I don't know much about your setup, but if the filament softens higher than the constriction in the break then you're going to have issues. This would come about if the heatsink manages to increase in temperature beyond the glass transition temp for that plastic, which is around 60-70c for PLA.

    If you're using the default supplied fan and duct you should be golden. However it seems you are, but it's still overheating. Most common cause for this is the fan being connecting to a "Fan" output on a controller board. The fan outputs are for print cooling fans, not hotend cooling fans. Hotend fan needs to be connected to 12v directly so it runs whenever the printer is turned on. Other potential issues are the fan being obstructed, either at the input or the output of the duct, the hotend being in a heated chamber, the fan being faulty, or the duct not being on the heatsink properly.

    Do have a check over your whole cooling setup and let me know if your heatsink is getting at all warm, check it at the time when it jams, if the sink is warm then cooling is your issue.

    This is the #1 reported cause of jamming on E3D HotEnds!

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