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    With the OctoPi as a starting point, it should be relatively easy to get voice control up and running. I envision that being useful for commands like "Preheat", "Print a xxxx", "Pause Printing", "Status", "Slow down", "Speed up", "warmer", "cooler", "Lights on","Dim lights" etc

    I'm using the Google AIY Voice Kit which retails for USD25-30 and includes a "HAT" that sits on a Raspberry Pi 3, microphone speaker and so on. It also adds connections for servos and motors that could be useful down the line. Once configured, the voice kit can be set up as a Google-Home running voice assistant (missing some functionality) or as a voice recognition engine.

    Once setup, it's very easy to use the voice recognition:

    Photo on 15-02-2018 at 09.03.jpg

    I've started with the AIY Projects sd-card image and installed OctoPrint using the instructions on

    My next steps are going to be to try to shift my old Octoprint configuration from the OctoPi sd-card, and then investigating how to link the voice functionality to OctoPrint.
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