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    I have a Volcano installed on my custom-designed Kossel "Maxi" - a 4' tall delta. The basic printer setup is a RAMPS 1.4 board with a Bulldog Lite extruder.

    Currently, we're using the 1.0mm nozzle with 1.75mm filament. Printing with the volcano/nozzle configuration has proven very different from printing with a standard .4mm nozzle. I typically use Repetier and Cura as my printer workflow tools, although I'm open to using other slicers and print controllers. What I'm interesting in knowing is what others who have the Volcano are using as their print parameters. I have two general printing goals for the Volcano. Depending on the model, I want thinner layer height but faster builds, or I want thicker layer height (and I'm willing to concede to slower print times). For example, if I'm printing out the GE ducted fan model, I want the size to be large, so I should be able to be able to bump up the speed, keep my layer height at .3mm and knock out the model fairly quickly. But, if I'm doing a 500mm tall vase - I might want thick layers for aesthetic reasons, so I'd shoot for a .8mm or even 1mm layer height. The settings needed for either situation seem to be drastically different. Has anyone played around with these print types enough to have a good set of guidelines for print parameters that I could use as a starting point? Also to mods -maybe worthwhile splitting out another forum for the Volcano... Just a thought.

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