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Discussion in 'General' started by tokinmaker, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Plagiarism has been said to be the most sincerest form of compliment, if that's really in play here.

    You're not really telling us why you're so upset about this. You created an account yesterday purely to tell us about this design.
    Have you bought something from Zesty and it failed for you? Why did you really come here?

    E3D themselves made this design open source:

    Anyone is encouraged to copy and modify this, so that also means you. When you did your research on this, how did you determine that Zesty did not already have this design in works long before E3D did and were simply working through design iterations to finish their (very different looking) design? Do you think E3D will never change this design to improve it? If they do so, are they not copying themselves? Do you think E3D came up with the idea of cooling something hot or that they were following a reasonably obvious line of thinking that's been around in manufacturing for decades? My PC for example uses water to cool the CPU and GPU using the same technology that E3D are using. Why aren't you crying about E3D copying EKWB?

    Ultimately, it really doesn't matter if Zesty copy, modify, or improve the design. It's actually encouraged. It's called progress. In fact it might even help E3D too.
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    I am a Zesty customer, I have 2 Nimbles and I am going to purchase the Kryo. Their minimalistic approach to extruders and hotends is fantastic for the industry and very accesible for us “budget end users”. The Nimble itself is not the first direct drive extruder design driven by a cable either but you missed that one I guess.
    Take your negative comments somewhere else.

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