Worn Nozzle?

Discussion in 'General' started by danielogc, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Aug 27, 2015
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    I have been printing with the V6 for well over 4 months without any problems. Recently my filament kept getting jammed. In the beginning all I need to do is remove the gunk to clear the jam but recently it is happening too often. I looked inside the brass nozzle and to my surprise I could see concentric rings (that look like shallow screw thread) inside the nozzle. I compared that with a spare 0.4mm nozzle. While the inside of the spare nozzle is not exactly smooth, there were no spirals.

    Is this due to wear? I am surprise polymer filament could wear out the nozzle in this manner? OK so I have been toying with several exotic filaments such as Brassfilled, Bronzefilled and Carbon Fibre from Colorfabb. Is this kind of wear expected? I mean causing what looks like concentric rings or spirals in the nozzle.

    Is it OK if I use a drill or reamer to 'remove' the concentric rings/spiral in the nozzle?

    Anybody else has the same observation?
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    I had an issue like that a while ago, have you tried to season the nozzle? Canola oil works great for if your using PLA.

    Just put some on the end of the filament and push though while the nozzle it hot. It helps the filament come out easily but don't go crazy with the oil. just dip half an inch of the filament in the oil and that should get it seasoned. (then push the filament though and get it to extrude for 10 or so seconds)
    Also you can try use an oiler from Thingiverse. (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:422671) for using during prints. but just a drop or two of oil
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    Most filled filaments will increase wear as the fillers don't melt so remain hard and will present themselves as an abrasive to the relatively soft brass of the nozzle. Use the harder stainless nozzles for filled filament but you will need to experiment with temperatures, as stainless is a less than perfect heat conductor and has a lower thermal mass.
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    Mine just wore out using PLA and PETG (I never used the glow in the dark and colour changing variants)
    I ran about 8 rolls of PLA and 8 rolls of PETG so 16 Kilograms total and my extrusion multilpier was up to 110% to compensate for the wear
    I ordered a hardened nozzle and after I installed it my Extrusion multiplier is back to 90%

    Is this normal wear for a Brass nozzle?
    I avoided any filaments that were known to be abrasive and even if I'm off a bit and ran 20 kg it still seems to be pretty fast wear.
    I used Hatchbox filament at the start but switched to the stuff at www.filaments.ca I have nit had any issues other than the nozzle wear

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