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    I have a few 10 hours prints now and after moving to Duet Wifi I seem to experiende Y axis skipping after many hours printing. First I experienced this I think it was between 10-20 hours and now after 7 hours.

    Of course it could be a number of things but what is most likely. Where should I start? I need to mention I had 1A limit when I first experienced this. But since it happened after 10 hours and I have some Y noise I rather turned it down to 700mA. Still got noise when it moves fast. But I have some successful prints with 700mA thats between 5 and 10 hours so I'm not sure if ramping the limit to e.g. 1.2A will help. At 700mA the stepper is luke warm.

    I have not re-commisioned anything in the Y-X after laying the printer on the side and back when upgrading to Duet Wifi.

    Looks like over extrusion as well but that's another issue :) Wood extrudes differently than PLA obviously.

    And I see 3 skips here. All in the end of the print.

    IMG_20170510_082349.jpg IMG_20170510_082104.jpg IMG_20170510_082046.jpg IMG_20170510_082024.jpg

    Some lifting in the corners as well but this is my first long wood print.

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