TIP (Yet another) Hemera mount for Anet A8 / Prusa I3, etc.

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    I have recently posted a new design for an x-carriage to mount the Hemera on a printer with 8 mm guide rods about 46 mm apart, typical of an Anet A8, older Prusa I3, and many others.


    This has a number of advanced features. The primary one is the self-aligning, printed-in bearing blocks (not the bearings themselves). This makes it possible to use very high-quality, low-slop bearings without binding, and without the need to adjust anything to match the exact rod spacing. It also hugely reduces the assembly effort, since you don't have 4 screws for each bearing block. It also has a mount for a BLTouch bed sensor squeezed between the guide rods and the Hemera body, resulting in a very low offset from the sensor tip to the nozzle.

    I have been using this for a few weeks now (since the day after I got my Hemera), and it seems to work quite nicely. If you want a low-hassle way to mount a Hemera on a printer in this family, give it a try! Let me know how it works, and I can post improvements, as needed, to the github project.
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