Z-axis artefacts and IR Probe

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    I have had multiple issues since I had the BB. One is Z layer artifacts like the ones in the pics I will post below. The second is the Z bed height almost constantly being off. Either I am too close to the bed or too far away. It is just maddening.
    I would keep my BigBox if I could get it to print reliably, but the way it seems I am constantly trying to recalibrate the Z height or change something to improve the quality of the prints. I have had an almost constant battle with a Z wobble problem. I exchanged the motors for the direct driven ones and have the DuetWifi and hoped that would help with the poor quality of the prints that I have been getting. At first, everything seemed good, then the Z artefacts started. After awhile the problem with the changing Z height started. I have the IR probe on the X carriage, and

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    As it's always things in the "Z" direction and as the electronics. other than maybe the voltage settings for the steppers are unlikely to be the problem, I would suspect something mechanical.

    For example you level the bed/set the height with the (IR sensor?) only for it to change, or the print has some form of banding at regular height intervals?

    Maybe something isn't quite aligned, or the Z threaded rods are not straight or the couplings at the bottom are on the p**s or something is loose or worn.

    It is tedious going through the commissioning, particularly if you have to go back and loosen lots of things but that may be the only way to find out is something isn't aligned properly.

    A way to check that the printer is "square" and things that should be "equal" are, would also help.
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