COMPLETE Z-Axis brake

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    I designed this after getting gashes in the PEI overlay on my glass bed. The four clips snap onto the top of the 8mm guide rods. They should be short enough to allow homing, but tall enough to prevent the bed moving higher than essential. 5mm worked well for me.

    To adjust the height for your machine, just scale the z-axis in Youmagine or your slicer. I printed in PC for strength.

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    Clever! I can totally see myself stealing your idea :)

    I should mention one inobvious benefit of Chase' Dual Titan Direct carriage was that the extruder/hotends were on sleds that are inserted from above. Thus a really hard bed crash will usually break free the magnetic anchor/levels and the sleds will move upward. That won't save you from a hard scraping drag with a slightly too high bed.
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